Orthospine is exclusive distributor of STRYKER Spine

Orthospine is exclusive distributor of STRYKER Spine

Stryker bought the firm K2M last year to form one entity: Stryker Spine.

Stryker International has decided to entrust Orthospine with the exclusive distribution of Stryker Spine products in Belgium and Luxembourg's GD as of 1 December 2019.

Orthospine takes over existing inventories, loan sets and warehouses and is pleased to welcome in its Spine team the 3 'Account Manager & Technical Advisors' from Stryker Spine Belgium.

This new collaboration will bring excellent opportunities: Stryker Spine is developing through acquisitions, like Nobius (Aero system), K2M, navigation, Vexim, ... and investing heavily in an European hi-tech training center in Amsterdam.

It should remain for the next 10 years the most innovative company and the most dedicated to customers.

We are proud and grateful for the trust shown by Stryker management.

If we were able to achieve this result, it is mostly thanks to the loyalty and trust of our customers and Stryker Spine customers!