Disposable products, samples and demonstration products are stored in our logistics centre in Nivelles where over 10 people are employed on a daily basis. The centre has an area of 6,000m² with 8m high storage, and distribute our products to Belgium, Luxemburg and Nederland.

Every year our logistics centre in Nivelles processes more than:

  • 140 000 orders (more than 1 order every minute)
  • 72 000 cases
  • 19 000 palettes
  • 265 deliveries every day

Our move to Nivelles (January 2006) and the integration of a WMS enabled us to optimize our logistic. We have also introduced a continuous monitoring system for supply and stock management. The exemplary professionalism and positive attitude of the whole team contribute significantly to the high degree of confidence and efficiency placed in our logistics centre.

Rue de l’industrie 30c, Zone 2 (Nivelles Sud), 1400 Nivelles.